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The BARI Saxophone Reed is machined from a unique synthetic material formulated with a consistent spacing of fibers that absorbs just the right amount of moisture. This insures that each reed plays with instant response and brilliant and vibrant sound. BARI Saxophone Reeds cannot warp, are unaffected by humidity, are 100% consistent and offer excellent control and accurate intonation. Since each BARI reed lasts much longer than a cane reed, they are very economical as well.

The BARI Star Reed is made from Avilar, which allows it to be machined on CNC machines. The result is a reed with excellent accuracy and balance throughout all registers. BARI Star Saxophone Reeds have all the benefits of the original BARI Saxophone Reed, but are more free playing. The sound is pure and clean and the response is quick and positive. With a warm, dark sound, the BARI Star Reed competes with the finest French cane you remember.

Bari Star Alto Sax Reeds

Bari Star Alto Sax Reeds

Bari Star Reed - Alto Sax - Hard 
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