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Vandoren Ligatures

For assistance in selecting the correct ligature for your mouthpiece, try our Ligature Guide

Vandoren Klassik Ligatures

Vandoren Klassik Ligatures

The Vandoren Klassik Ligature has excellent elasticity and great resistance. The weaving can be more or less tightened, for a great range of tone colors and to precisely fit the reed to the mouthpiece. Vandoren Klassik Ligatures are available for Bb Clarinet, German Clarinet and Alto Saxophone.

Vandoren Bb Clarinet Klassik Lig-Leather Cap LC31L 
 3 Weeks 
Vandoren Bb Clarinet Klassik Lig-Plastic Cap LC31P  3 Weeks  $47.99 
Vandoren German Clarinet Klassik Lig-Leather Cap LC35L  3 Weeks  $67.19 
Vandoren German Clarinet Klassik Lig-Plastic Cap LC35P  3 Weeks  $47.99 
Vandoren Alto Sax Klassik Lig-Leather Cap LC37L  3 Weeks  $67.19 
Vandoren Alto Sax Klassik Lig-Plastic Cap LC37P  3 Weeks  $47.99 
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