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Vandoren Ligatures

For assistance in selecting the correct ligature for your mouthpiece, try our Ligature Guide

Vandoren Leather Ligatures

Vandoren Leather Ligatures

The Vandoren Leather Ligature creates a compact and focused sound. Three interchangeable pressure plates and a single screw for precision tightening make it easy to customize the Vandoren Leather Ligatures sound to your preference. Vandoren Leather Ligatures are designed to fit Vandoren Bb Clarinet and Alto Sax Mouthpieces and also fit some other standard size mouthpieces. The leather ligature is supplied with a wooden support in order to help it maintain its shape when not in use.

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Vandoren Bb Clarinet Leather Lig &Cap LC21L 
 In Stock 
Vandoren Bb Leather Lig and Plastic Cap LC21P  In Stock  $45.59 
Vandoren Eb Leather Ligature and Leather Cap  3 Weeks  $63.19 
Vandoren Eb Leather Ligature Plastic Cap  In Stock  $45.59 
Vandoren Alto Clarinet Leather Lig-Leather Cap LC23L  3 Weeks  $63.99 
Vandoren Alto Clarinet Leather Lig-Plastic Cap LC23P  3 Weeks  $47.99 
Vandoren Bass Clarinet Leather Lig & Cap LC24L  3 Weeks  $63.99 
Vandoren Bass Clarinet Leather Lig-Plastic Cap LC24P  In Stock  $47.99 
Vandoren German Clarinet Leather Lig-Leather Cap LC25L  3 Weeks  $63.19 
Vandoren German Clarinet Leather Lig-Plastic Cap LC25P  3 Weeks  $45.59 
Vandoren Soprano Sax Leather Lig & Cap LC26L  In Stock  $63.19 
Vandoren Soprano Sax Leather Lig-Plastic Cap LC26P  In Stock  $46.39 
Vandoren Alto Sax Leather Lig & Cap LC27L  3 Weeks  $63.19 
Vandoren Alto Sax Leather Lig-Plastic Cap LC27P  3 Weeks  $46.39 
Vandoren Tenor Sax Leather Lig & Cap LC28L  3 Weeks  $63.99 
Vandoren Tenor Sax Leather Lig-Plastic Cap LC28P  3 Weeks  $46.39 
Vandoren Bari Sax Leather Lig & Cap LC29L  In Stock  $63.99 
Vandoren Bari Sax Leather Lig-Plastic Cap LC29P  In Stock  $47.99 
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